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This time it’s different!

I shall be the only reason behind my every emotion and every micro thing of my life!


Some relations and bonds are beyond explanations. Such bond can be with anyone, human or an animal or anything irrespective of its gender, colour, or type. Great is the person who gave a name to such incredible relation as “FRIENDSHIP”. I take this Friendship day as an opportunity to dedicate a blog to all the ...

Happy Mothers Day!

Since last 20 years, I have come across millions of women. We all have been listening to billions of stories inspiring womanhood or stories which teach a lesson for a lifetime. Today I am not going to write about famous and respected women but respected and who have directly touched my soul. The first lady ...

India on Rape Trend ?

Is India on rape trend? who to blame? me ? you? the victim? our law?

I know you are always with me!

People who know me very closely they say I still behave like a child. I am 22 years old, teacher by profession. I don’t understand how can they say that I behave like child? From the age of 4 I have tried to be responsible towards my life. Each and every small thing has mattered ...