Sun And People Come With New Hopes

Have you ever met someone who stays for a very short duration in your life but takes away a piece of your heart forever? There is this short time that you spend with them but cherish forever. The space that they leave in yourself cannot be filled by anyone but emptiness itself. You try to fill it with the things that you do because of them, but it is never enough. You let them get close to you and when you don’t expect it, they have to leave. People always leave, don’t they?

We can never predict when a person closes a door in your life. It’s always the ones who you expect to be there permanently, vanish into thin air. Sometimes you know that you will never get a chance of meeting them again and yet you choose to let them go because of the impact they have on your life. And once they are gone we find that a piece of heart merges with darkness and then, missing them becomes a regular routine of your life. We always wish for that piece of heart to have never been in the darkness but then it brightens day by day. Once they are gone there isn’t any meaning to keeping with the darkness, instead try to shower with light rays that will brighten your life!

Enjoy the light till the sun sets. Let them come close to you. Love them and let them love you. Be with them till the moment goes and once the door is closed, brighten the darkness with things learnt from them. Learn from the past, live the present and plan the future! But remember, someday you will be that sun in someone else’s life which will rise with new hopes and will set with lots of memories with them.


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